The Boys

My Russian Blue line has always been a long lived line and Blaise has now reached an exceptional 3 and 3/4 years old, the oldest of my rats so far.  He featurs strongly in all my Russian Blue lines so hopefully we will see the other Russian Blue' s reaching similar ages in the future.


Dreyer salix





The young boys below are showing excellent temperament and good conformation too. Hopefully they will continue to develope well.  Although very active they did stand still long enough for their pictures to be taken.

Junip Geum
Selago Rhoeo
Sorrel Mimetes





Due to taking a long break from breeding most of the rats from my Russian Blue lines have become too old to breed,  The babies below I will be using to re-establish my Russian Blue lines. Blaise is grandfather to most of these babies. I will update photos of them as they grow.

Eclipse Galaxy
Plantago Trillium



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