What we feed our rats


Rats have very similar dietary requirements to humans so if you give a balanced diet with a good variety they will be healthy and happy.  I have had very little health problems with my rats and I believe their diet has a lot to do with it. 

Rats love variety and good flavour and quickly get bored with only one type of food.  I believe that any living creature does best on foods that are natural, in other words as they are found in nature.  I don’t feed my rats any processed foods and I keep away from anything that contains preservatives, flavour enhancers, colorants or other artificial chemicals.

My rats are given a variety of the below diet depending on availability.
They get cooked brown rice, sometimes cooked barley but they are not as fond of the barley. I mix in olive oil, flax oil and omega 3 fish oil. Also mixed with the rice is Barley grass powder, Himalayan crystal salt and blackstrap molasses.  I also add Kefir that we make from goats milk, (we have our own goat).
They get steamed vegetables and a small amount of whatever fresh fruit is in the house.  I also give them a “vegetable” called Purslane, it grows abundantly in the garden and is often thought to be a weed by people who don’t know it,it is very tasty.  It was eaten as a vegetable long ago but seems to have been forgotten in these modern times.  Research shows it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids; it has a high nutrition value and is attributed with a lot of health benefits.  We eat it ourselves and the rats relish the succulent leaves. 

I make my own sprouts from lentils, alfalfa, sunflower seeds and wheat and barley grass.  My rats get a portion of whatever type I have available.
They also get small amounts of chicken and boiled egg. 


I only give my rats filtered water, never water straight from the tap.  Chlorine is an effective bacteria killer; unfortunately chlorine is an indiscriminate killer that kills both friendly and unfriendly bacteria.  So I never give water that contains chlorine.  The health of any living creature is dependent on a healthy balance of friendly bacteria in their system.
I add a few drops of a trace element supplement called Concentrace to the rats filtered water.  We use this supplement ourselves.
I also use filtered water when I give my rats bowls of water to paddle in as chlorine can be absorbed through the skin.


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